Randwick Botany CC

NSW/ACT CX Series | Round 4

Heffron Park Criterium Circuit, Robey Street (Car park entrance is via the Des Renford Aquatic Centre), MAROUBRA NSW 2034, AUSTRALIA
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NSW/ACT CX Series | Round 4 A Grade Men 1:10 PM 50 mins Heffron Park Criterium - long track 40 $20.00 BOOK NOW
NSW/ACT CX Series | Round 4 A Grade Women 1:10 PM 50 mins Heffron Park Criterium - long track 40 $20.00 BOOK NOW
NSW/ACT CX Series | Round 4 B Grade Men 12:10 PM 40 mins Heffron Park Criterium - long track 40 $20.00 BOOK NOW
NSW/ACT CX Series | Round 4 B Grade Women 1:10 PM 40 mins Heffron Park Criterium - long track 40 $20.00 BOOK NOW
NSW/ACT CX Series | Round 4 C Grade Men 11 AM 25 mins Heffron Park Criterium - long track 40 $20.00 BOOK NOW
NSW/ACT CX Series | Round 4 C Grade Women 11 AM 25 mins Heffron Park Criterium - long track 40 $20.00 BOOK NOW
NSW/ACT CX Series | Round 4 JMU17 11 AM 25 mins Heffron Park Criterium - long track 25 $10.00 BOOK NOW
NSW/ACT CX Series | Round 4 Juniors 11:30 AM Open to U12 only; 30 mins; trial event Heffron Park Criterium - long track 40 $0.00 BOOK NOW
NSW/ACT CX Series | Round 4 JWU17 11 AM 25 mins Heffron Park Criterium - long track 25 $10.00 BOOK NOW


CX returns to HEFFRON!

Round 5 of the 2022 AusCycling NSW/ACT CX Series sees the return of Cyclocross to the mounds and sand of Heffron Park. The event, hosted by RANDWICK CYCLING will be run from the finishing straight of the Heffron Park criterium track and feature a range of grades suitable to participants dipping their toe into CX racing for the first time, or seasoned Euro-dirt hogs alike.  

Grade suitability can be determined as below:

C Grade/Open – new to cyclocross? – any bike is welcome, though we recommend a MTB, cyclocross or gravel bike.

B Grade - any bike is welcome, however MTBs or flat bar bikes will be started in a separate wave, and will not be eligible for overall series points. CX or Gravel bikes are recommended, with 35mm tyres preferred in the spirit of CX, but wider tyres (i.e. 38-40mm gravel bike tyres) will be accepted.

A Grade - all bikes must be CX bikes (drop bars) with a 35mm maximum for tyres strictly enforced.

Entry cost: 

- all adult categories $20

- Juniors: $10

**On day entries may be permitted on the day, however a $5 surcharge will apply.



Categories (and race schedule):

Race 1 - 11am:

- C grade men and women - this is the 'open' category, any bike is allowed (25 minutes)

- Juniors (Under 17)

[Presentations: Men's and Women's C grade; Juniors U17]

Kids race (under 12) - 11:30am

Riders will need an AusCycling license, but free to race and no pre-rego required.

Course open - 11.30am-12pm

Race 2 - 12pm:

- Men's B grade (40 minutes)

Race 3 - 1pm:

- Women's A grade (50 minutes)

- Women's B grade (40 minutes)

[Presentations Women's A+B]

Race 4 - 2pm:

- Men's A grade (50 minutes)

[Presentations Men's A]


3pm: close of event, pack down of course (volunteers welcomed)


Welcome to the NSW/ACT CX SERIES hosted by RANDWICK CYCLING at Heffron Park. Racing is held across 3 grades/divisions, with women, juniors and men combined into each grade. C Grade (Women and Men) commence at 11am, kids U12 at 11:30am, B Grade Men at 12pm, A & B Grade Women at 1pm and A Grade Men at 2pm. All races are timed.

Registration and course practice: open from 10am (riders must be registered before riding on course).

For all events, a race license from AusCycling is required. Riders will be required to show evidence of their licence at the time of registration. Day licenses or trial licenses are available also: 

PARKING: Where possible, we encourage you to ride your bike to Heffron Park. Car park entrance is via the Des Renford Aquatic Centre, Robey Street, Maroubra. Alternate car parking is located at various locations around Heffron Park (Robey Street, Fitzgerald Street, Bunnerong Road and Jersey Road)

TOILETS: available at track

  • This event is held entirely around a closed CX bike track that is booked by Randwick Botany Cycling Club Inc. (RANDWICK CYCLING) through Randwick City Council
  • The CX circuit is within Heffron Park and therefore the public have access to surrounding public ovals
  • Rubbish must not be discarded and gel wrappers, etc., must be properly disposed of
  • Participants must hold a current 2022 AusCycling RACE licence and present it prior to the race, when requested. Participants must wear an ASA compliant helmet
  • The event is held in accordance with rules and regulations set by AusCycling and current at the time of the event. These include and are not limited to Technical Regulations: Cyclo-Cross, located at https://bit.ly/3GUBkD8 and Technical Regulations: General, located at https://bit.ly/3FDSHpF. Participants must adhere to the directions of Commissaries. Decisions on grading are at the discretion of the RANDWICK CYCLING and CX NSW/ACT handicappers and their decision is final
  • Women and men (both adults and juniors) race together in the same race, within their grade, at the discretion of the RANDWICK CYCLING handicapper
  • Refunds or credits will be made if the event is cancelled due to weather, or other safety reasons. In the event that the entrant does not start, a refund or credit is unavailable. Refunds may be made if requested at least 3 days before the event, less a $5 administration fee
  • All riders entering a sanctioned AusCycling event acknowledge that they engage in that event at their own risk and that cycling and cycle racing can be considered a dangerous sport which can result in injury out of an act or omission of the rider, other riders, spectators and other obstacle, and track conditions. Whilst all reasonable care is taken by organisers and officials when organising the event; all participating cyclists have an equal responsibility to ensure they take all reasonable care in adhering to the rules and other conditions imposed by officials ensuring a safe race environment for all concerned
  • By participating in this event, as a rider, spectator, official or volunteer, you agree to comply with the RANDWICK CYCLING Code of Conduct, located at https://bit.ly/33DqmSZ  
  • For information about this event, please contact the 'Event Organiser'


RANDWICK CYCLING has appointed Joseph Herschel as the COVID-19 Safety Officer for this event and he will be responsible for ensure that, as a cycling community, this event complies with all applicable regulations. These regulations include, and are not limited to, the following:

  • Entry to this event as a rider, official, volunteer, and spectator is open to people who, upon request, are able to provide evidence of 'double vaccination' OR hold a medical certificate of exemption
  • All physical contact will be minimised and riders and spectators are requested to comply with social distancing requirements as set down in the relevant Public Health Orders applicable at the time of the event
  • Riders must stay at home if they are unwell or have had flu like symptoms or have come in close contact within the last 14 days with a person infected with COVID-19
  • It is recommended that all riders and spectators download the NSW Government COVID SafeApp and check in to the event using the App
  • No personal effects or clothing should be left at the desk
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided at multiple locations at the event
  • Riders are required to follow marshalling instructions and not linger around the Clubhouse
  • Riders should arrive in their racing kit, with their bicycle and equipment ready for racing
  • Riders should bring their own food, water and tools to avoid sharing of items between individuals
  • Prize ceremonies will involve no physical contact

There will be no physical sign on sheet. Riders shall be required to identify themselves at the registration desk and show their AusCycling RACE licence. Each rider's grade and race number will be noted.

NOTE: By entering online riders agree that they have read, understood and accept the AusCycling ‘Event Terms and Conditions’, located at https://bit.ly/326mbi2


Race series



At the discretion of RANDWICK CYCLING and NSW/ACT CX, based on the number of riders entering each division. Equal prize money to women and men.