Buncheur is free .... Well, except for the credit card fees.  The site charges no platform fees to event entrants or race organisers.


We believe that to make racing and cycling better, clubs need to be able to access other clubs race data.  It makes for better grading and handicapping, better informed athletes, more interesting racing and hopefully, a better sport. 

We believe the only viable solution to do this is to make the conduit for this data free.

If you think of the data as a transaction, then there are clubs that really badly need the race entry and result data (think big country opens, events with big prizes that draw a lot of out of town athletes etc.), and events that create the data (weekly club racing where pretty much the same people show up week-in-week-out and the sign on person knows everyone by their first name!).  In this scenario, if there is a fee, you are essentially charging club races (that may already make little-to-no-money), a fee for providing data to help bigger races..... We believe that is unreasonable and probably wouldn't fly.

By making the platform free, accessible and easy to use, it is our hope that the clubs will want to play a part in making the sport better for everyone.  It is our experience that they do, so we think it will work and it is why we invested so much money into the system.


This is probably the number one question I have been asked since building the site.  The answer is that we think it is a really inventive way to have a relationship with our key customers, clubs and racers.  It is a smart way to give back to the sport, and it keeps a lid on any for-profit providers fees they charge racers.  

We want to build a relationship with our customers and stakeholders, and this seemed like an interesting way to start that conversation.  

We are compliant with the privacy act, have worked with a crack legal team to build the platform, manage informed consent for junior athletes and their parents in a no-fuss, compliant manner and just want to do something great for the sport and the volunteers.

There are no catches. 

There is no tricky business model behind it. 

This is a business that sells kit to cyclists trying to allocate spend in a way to do something good for the sport.  It is a chance to do something that benefits a lot of cyclists, enhances my company's standing in the Australian cycling community and delivers outcomes that are not commercial if charging a per-race fee....

Buncheur is an awesome WIN, WIN, WIN opportunity for all stakeholders, which is why I am so excited about it.



  • It is free
  • Tracks rider entry history across all participating races
  • Option for online pre-entry and on-the-line entry on race day
  • Full financial records
  • Track rider state handicaps
  • Grade/Wave Limits
  • Reduce Race No-Show losses
  • Automated Sign on Sheets and Waivers
  • Live Race Entrant Updates
  • Automatically maintain Tables across Series/Interclub Events/seasons with ease
  • Automatically post results to social media


  • Manage state handicaps
  • Review race categorisation
  • Automatically review revenue for sanctioned events
  • Enjoy admin oversight across all races and sanctioned events


  • Free!  Only pay Stripe transaction fees
  • Get competitor intel
  • Compare your performance against the best in your grade… anywhere in the state and country!
  • Easily enter single races, series or seasons all at once.
  • Manage refunds online
  • Easily review and manage your stand handicap
  • Challenge your race handicap or grading prior to entry