Eastern Suburbs CC

Tuesday Night Heffron by Easts Cycling. Week 7 3

Heffron Park, Maroubra NSW 2035, AUSTRALIA
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Tuesday Night Heffron by Easts Cycling. Week 7 3 A Grade 6pm 15 laps N/A 50 $20.00 BOOK NOW
Tuesday Night Heffron by Easts Cycling. Week 7 3 B Grade 6pm 15 N/A 50 $20.00 BOOK NOW
Tuesday Night Heffron by Easts Cycling. Week 7 3 C Grade 6pm 14 N/A 50 $20.00 BOOK NOW



The event is run on a unique handicap format over 15 laps, where the elite A-grade riders start last and have 15 laps to catch the B and C-grade riders.

Handicap racing is an intense from of racing, as each grade has to work cohesively to stay away from the chasing grades.

Final Grading will be at the discretion of the Race Handicapper.

Race Start order

- 1st - B-Grade start race first (40kph+)

- 2nd - C-Grade start second @ 45sec (37kph +)

- 3rd - A-Grade start last @ 2.30sec  (44kph+)

Time gaps are determined on the night based on number of riders, strength of each bunch and weather conditions


By entering this event, you agree to all of our terms and conditions

1. As a condition of entry, I warrant that I hold a current AusCycling Race All Disciplines Membership. I acknowledge that non-financial members or riders not signed on are not permitted to compete under any circumstances.

2. I understand, acknowledge, and accept that cycling is an inherently dangerous sport, which may result in severe injury or death from a collision, fall, mechanical failure, physical exertion, or other incident.

3. I voluntarily participate in this event at my own risk.

4. I waive any rights I may otherwise have against AusCycling, the event promoter and their agents and representatives relating to, and agree they are not responsible for, any loss or damage resulting from my participation in the event, including any loss that may arise from death or injury to myself or others, or damage to any property.

5. I agree to follow the directions of any event organiser or official and the AusCycling Technical Regulations and policies.

6. If the participant in this event is under 18 years of age, I warrant that I am a parent or guardian of the participant and agree for myself and the participant that I provide the acknowledgements, agreements and waiver set out above in respect of the participant


First time riders should download and read the Tuesday Night Race Guidelines from the Racing section on the https://www.eastscycling.com.au site.


Junior Policy

Second year U17 riders are permitted to compete using U19 gearing as of 01 October 2021. U19 riders must compete using U19 gearing. These policies are as per AusCycling Junior Policy, July 2021.


Covid-19 Policy

As a condition of entry, I agree to adhere to AusCycling, Easts Cycling and NSW Government Covid-19 Guidelines.

General guidelines include:

1. You must check in using NSW Government QR-code

2. Riders are to be fully ('double') vaccinated

3. All physical contact will be minimised, with social distancing of 1.5 meters required when not racing. It is acknowledged that 1.5 meters social distancing is not able to be maintained whilst racing.

4. Riders must stay at home if they are unwell or have had flu-like symptoms within the last 14 days.

5. Riders must stay at home if they have come into contact with someone who is Covid-Positive.

6. No personal effects or clothing should be left at the registration desk.

7. A “Get in, Race, Get Out” approach is to be taken, where riders arrive only to attend the event and leave immediately afterwards.

8. Riders are not to linger.

9. Riders should arrive in their racing kit, with their bicycle and equipment ready for racing.

10. Riders should bring their own food, water and tools to avoid sharing of items between individuals.

Race series



Each week $850 prize money is distributed. 1st Overall $300 ~ 2nd Overall $200 ~ 3rd Overall $100 ~ 1st unplaced Grade $100 (not in the top 3) ~ 1st unplaced Grade $100 (not in the top 3) ~ 1st Female rider $50


Event date: 14/12/2021
Time:  6pm

Entries open: 08/12/2021
Entries close: 13/12/2021

  Heffron Park, Maroubra NSW 2035
0411 798 111
  info@eastscycling.com.au