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🌧🌧CANCELLED🌧🌧PMCC Muzzas Handicap

650 Burrawan Forest Drive, Lake Innes NSW 2444, AUSTRALIA
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🌧🌧CANCELLED🌧🌧PMCC Muzzas Handicap A Grade 2.30pm Handicap N/A 30 $7.40 BOOK NOW
🌧🌧CANCELLED🌧🌧PMCC Muzzas Handicap B Grade 2.30pm Handicap N/A 30 $7.40 BOOK NOW
🌧🌧CANCELLED🌧🌧PMCC Muzzas Handicap C Grade 2.30pm Handicap N/A 30 $7.40 BOOK NOW
🌧🌧CANCELLED🌧🌧PMCC Muzzas Handicap Come and Try Family Discount Additional family members FREE after two paid entries N/A 20 $0.00 BOOK NOW
🌧🌧CANCELLED🌧🌧PMCC Muzzas Handicap D Grade 2.30pm Handicap N/A 30 $7.40 BOOK NOW
🌧🌧CANCELLED🌧🌧PMCC Muzzas Handicap E Grade 2.30pm Handicap N/A 30 $7.40 BOOK NOW
🌧🌧CANCELLED🌧🌧PMCC Muzzas Handicap Juniors 2.10pm Distance based on age and ability N/A 20 $0.00 BOOK NOW


Muzzas Handicap - Course 2 (8kms)

Race distance announced to be advised

Juniors - Distance based on age and ability


Course 2

Start/Finish ⇾ northern Burrawan Forest Drive U-turn ⇾ Start/Finish ⇾ Right turn into Cowarra Dam Rd ⇾
Cowarra Dam gate U-turn ⇾ Left turn into Burrawan Forest Drive ⇾ Start/Finish



  • Participants must hold a current 2022 AusCycling RACE licence and present it prior to the race, when requested. Participants must wear an ASA compliant helmet.
  • The event is held in accordance with rules and regulations set by AusCycling and current at the time of the event. These include and are not limited to Technical Regulations: Road, located at https://bit.ly/3nCLcsL and Technical Regulations: General, located at https://bit.ly/3FDSHpF. Participants must adhere to the directions of the Commissaries. Decisions on grading are at the discretion of the handicapper and their decision is final.
  • Women and men (both adults and juniors) race together in the same race, within their grade.
  • All riders entering a sanctioned AusCycling event acknowledge that they engage in that event at their own risk and that cycle racing can be considered a dangerous sport that can result in injury out of any act or omission of the rider, other riders, spectators and other obstacles, and track conditions. Whilst all reasonable care is taken by organisers and officials when organising the event; all participating cyclists have an equal responsibility to ensure they take all reasonable care in adhering to the rules and other conditions imposed by officials ensuring a safe race environment for all concerned.

Race series




Event date: 03/09/2022
Time:  Sign on 2pm

Entries open: 17/05/2022
Entries close: 03/09/2022

  650 Burrawan Forest Drive, Lake Innes NSW 2444

  admin@portmaccycleclub.com.au