No Brakes Racing

NBR 2021 Pre Carnival Training sessions

Dunc Gray Velodrome - 27 Carysfield Rd, Bass Hill NSW 2197, AUSTRALIA
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NBR 2021 Pre Carnival Training sessions Bike Skill Improvement 12:30 PM 1 hour + depending on numbers N/A 16 $10.00 BOOK NOW
NBR 2021 Pre Carnival Training sessions Junior Entry 1:30 PM 1 hour + depending on numbers N/A 20 $10.00 BOOK NOW
NBR 2021 Pre Carnival Training sessions Senior Entry 2:30 1 Hour + depending on numbers N/A 30 $10.00 BOOK NOW


There will be three sessions:
12:30-1:30 for Novice riders

1:30 - 2:30 for juniors

2:30 - 3:30 for seniors and Maddison riders who would like to practice ahead of the three round fundraiser series

Sessions will be open style and any entry money will go towards the local clubs who have helped contribute to this series.

Entry fee for all riders will be $10


By signing on to the event and entering you agree to abide by the attached terms and conditions outlined below and all directives of event staff in relation to the running of these events. 

We ask each visitor to confirm the following before you can race:

a. That you are not showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19(fever; flu like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat or headaches; or have difficulty breathing).

b. That you have not had close or casual contact with a person who has been confirmed with COVID-19.

c. That you have not vistied known hotspots or areas of concern in recent weeks.

d. That you will follow No Brakes Racing/BSCC directions regarding hand hygiene while at the venue, including sanitising your hands prior to commencing your visit and checking in via the venues QR codes.

NBR also requests that where social distancing is not possible individuals would wear masks as much as possible.

 Entering online, riders agree that they have read, understood and accept the AusCycling New South Wales ‘Event risk and acknowledgement waiver’ 

1. I understand, acknowledge and accept that cycling is an inherently dangerous sport, which may result in serious injury or death from a collision, fall, mechanical failure, physical exertion or other incident.

2. I voluntarily participate in this event at my own risk.

3. I waive any rights I may otherwise have against AusCycling NSW, the event promoter and their agents and representatives relating to, and agree they are not responsible for, any loss or damage resulting from my participation in the event, including any loss that may arise from death or injury to myself or others, or damage to any property.

4. I agree to follow the directions of any event organiser or official and the AusCycling Technical Regulations, a copy of which is available on the AusCycling website.

5. If the participant in this event is under 18 years of age, I warrant that I am a parent or guardian of the participant and agree for myself and the participant that I provide the acknowledgements, agreements and waiver set out above in respect of the participant.



Race series




Event date: 27/12/2021
Time:  12:30 PM

Entries open: 21/12/2021
Entries close: 27/12/2021

  Dunc Gray Velodrome - 27 Carysfield Rd, Bass Hill NSW 2197
0449 969 282