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2022 NBR Sydney Christmas carnivals hosted by BSCC - series entries

Dunc Gray Velodrome, Bass Hill NSW 2200, AUSTRALIA
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2022 NBR Sydney Christmas carnivals hosted by BSCC - series entries Junior Entry 5pm sign on 6 pm first race JUNIORS 13s + 11s N/A 28 $70.00 BOOK NOW
2022 NBR Sydney Christmas carnivals hosted by BSCC - series entries Senior Entry 5pm sign on 6 pm first race RIDERS WILL BE GRADED N/A 60 $100.00 BOOK NOW


The 2022 Christmas Carnivals 
The Sydney Christmas Carnivals as promoted by No Brakes Racing along side the Bankstown Sports Cycling Club with the help of our proud series sponsors is set to go off with a bang this year! great racing and training opportunity for all, great prizes and a whole lot of fun 

Starting the 28th December and running for 3 consecutive Days 28th,29th and 30th December. Doors open for sign on and Warm Up at 5pm racing starts at 6pm on the dot.

What Races can we expect?
All your favorite races from previous Christmas Carnivals. Sprint, endurance with the odd wheelrace or two mixed in with plenty of cash on offer over the 3 day series and even a few new races here and there 

Who can compete?
Any Riders from the participation U9s and above. Novices are welcome to come along as well.

Under 9s will be run as a series of Participation events over the three days including time trials and skill drills on the DGV run by qualified coaches to help this group of riders gain experience and confidence on the track, No fee will be charged for this Grade and riders will sign on at each event as they arrive. Programs will be released for these events closer to the first day of racing however will follow a similar format to last year. there is no points system for under 9s riders it is however a great way to upskill and try DGV for FREE!!! that's right under 9s ride free

last year we had some great success with junior and senior novice rider progressing into racing divisions from novice grades, and hope to continue this again

All attendees are to make themselves aware of the current NSW Health guidelines. Races may differ for Novice and younger juniors riders at each event depending on their skill levels and experience. NBR asks all patrons to be patient as we do our best to accommodate riders of different strengths and abilities. These opportunities are about helping to develop Grassroots cycling as well as offering competitive racing opportunities

How will grades work?

Grades aren't a bit of an honesty system to beginning with, so please do you best to nominate a fair grade from the start, we will have our NBR handicappers review entries ahead of the event and try to catch any outliers or miss grades but we tend to find grading is all sorted out after the first 2 round of the first day of competition. 

we encourage you to try and move up grades and you get to take your sign on points with you if you move! 

All in this year, Men and women together, we have taken on board a number of our competitors feed back over the last twelve months and while we will still seek to promote women's racing and opportunities in sport however at this time we don't have the participation numbers to be able to run full grades of separate women's fields while providing fair opportunity for competitive racing, our solution to this is to offer a separate points score ladder for our female competitors. This ladder will sit along side the series grades point score and basically help us establish our women's competition. NBR will still pay equal prize money for men's and women's placings, competitors will have the choice to claim their position in what ever grade they prefer but may not claim both series prizes. for example a rider could not claim prizes and prize money for being both the first female rider in a grade and also claim prizes and cash in the top 5 placing of the grade they racing in the open prize pool. This also means NBR will honor the equal number of places in prize pool placings for both open and women's grades, this is being done at our cost as an investment into the women's racing side of our sport 

If numbers permit we will do our best to still run women grades where participation is high enough for fair equal competitive racing and in heats we may try and cluster some women's riders together if they are of equal abilities in certain races  

A few more details...
NBR is upholding a high standard of safety by using the Bankstown Sports Cycling Clubs Covid Safe Plan. There will be plenty of sanitizer stations and clear directions for you to follow when you arrive to the venue as well as marshals to assist you on the day. Riders will be asked to please enter and exit via the main ramp of the velodrome and remain in their grades for the whole event. Warm up - race roll down - all as a grade. These along with many more steps will be taken to ensure riders can get the most out of their racing experience and stay safe as well.

When not on the bike you may utilize the venue facilities and catch up with your friends and family at the venue however NBR would ask that while not on the bike, event attendees please where face masks where social distancing cannot be maintained.

Event Costs:
Single Event Entries:
-Juniors: $30
Series Entries:
-Juniors: $70 (SAVE $20 and receive 5 bonus series points)
-Seniors:$100 (SAVE $20 and receive 5 bonus series points)

Family Discounts:
Available and are tailored to your family situation. Must be arranged at least 24hrs prior to the first event
Contact NBR Via Email if you wish to take up a family discount

The earlier you contact us the better deals we may be able to offer you!!! PLEASE EMAIL US!!!
We really don't want cost to be a major barrier to participation for our events and we undertsand everyone situation is different so drop us a line and lets see if we can help get you on your bike at our events!!

Our email is:

Our Vision for the Sydney Christmas Carnivals:

No Brakes Racing has hopes to make the Sydney Christmas Carnivals a massive event that draws a crowd to all venues we host racing events, this year we understand that the format will be a little different to previous years, for many reasons we as promoters have had to keep to this format with a few tweaks here and there for the 2022 year and stick to one venue in the heart of Sydney the Dunc Gray Velodrome. Our Plan over the next 12 months is to coordinate with peak bodies to drive up prize pools, race attendance and spectator attendance for future events around NSW.

Our goal is to build this event to have a similar culture and atmosphere of an abbreviated version of a European 6 day event and once again fill all the velodromes of Sydney with spectators.

We are super excited to be able to run and with the assistance of amazing sponsors, great local clubs and the help of the greater cycling community. We know with your support we can make the best of any situation and thank you all in advance for your help in us working towards our vision for these events.

Kind Regards,
No Brakes Racing Management



By signing on to the event and entering you agree to abide by the attached terms and conditions outlined below and all directives of event staff in relation to the running of these events. 

We ask each visitor to confirm the following before you can race:

a. That you are not showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19(fever; flu like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat or headaches; or have difficulty breathing).

b. That you have not had close or casual contact with a person who has been confirmed with COVID-19.

c. That you have not vistied known hotspots or areas of concern in recent weeks.

d. That you will follow No Brakes Racing/BSCC directions regarding hand hygiene while at the venue, including sanitising your hands prior to commencing your visit and checking in via the venues QR codes.

e. Do not currently have of will not participate on a race day or event whilst sick

NBR also requests that where social distancing is not possible individuals would wear masks as much as possible.

 Entering online, riders agree that they have read, understood and accept the AusCycling New South Wales ‘Event risk and acknowledgement waiver’ 

1. I understand, acknowledge and accept that cycling is an inherently dangerous sport, which may result in serious injury or death from a collision, fall, mechanical failure, physical exertion or other incident.

2. I voluntarily participate in this event at my own risk.

3. I waive any rights I may otherwise have against AusCycling NSW, the event promoter and their agents and representatives relating to, and agree they are not responsible for, any loss or damage resulting from my participation in the event, including any loss that may arise from death or injury to myself or others, or damage to any property.

4. I agree to follow the directions of any event organiser or official and the AusCycling Technical Regulations, a copy of which is available on the AusCycling website.

5. If the participant in this event is under 18 years of age, I warrant that I am a parent or guardian of the participant and agree for myself and the participant that I provide the acknowledgements, agreements and waiver set out above in respect of the participant.

Race series



$3000 prize pool across the divisions


Event date: 28/12/2022
Time:  5pm sign on 6pm first race

Entries open: 15/12/2022
Entries close: 27/12/2022

  Dunc Gray Velodrome, Bass Hill NSW 2200