Hamilton Wheelers CC

Lakeside Kermesse

Lakeside Rd, Kurwongbah QLD 4503, AUSTRALIA
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Lakeside Kermesse A Grade Men 6:45AM For male and female riders graded A with HWCC 60min+1 lap N/A 50 $11.00 BOOK NOW
Lakeside Kermesse B Grade Men 6:45AM For male and female riders graded B1 with HWCC 50min+1 laps N/A 50 $11.00 BOOK NOW
Lakeside Kermesse C Grade Men 6:45AM For male and female riders graded B2 with HWCC 40min+ 1 lap N/A 50 $11.00 BOOK NOW
Lakeside Kermesse D Grade Men 6:45AM For male and female riders graded C1 with HWCC 40min + 1 lap N/A 50 $11.00 BOOK NOW
Lakeside Kermesse E Grade Men 6:45AM For male and female riders graded C2 or D with HWCC 30 min + 1 lap N/A 50 $11.00 BOOK NOW


Registration opens 6AM. All grades start 1 minute apart from 6:45am SHARP. The circuit owners charge all riders a $10 track licence fee and riders are required to fill out an application form and pay this fee BEFORE registering to race. We collect the track licence fee on their behalf on the day and we have EFTPOS facilities for this, so please arrive early to allow time for this process. Race entries must all be done online by 6PM Friday evening. Rider who enter in the incorrect grade will be automatically moved. Please don't enter if you don't already have a current Hamilton Wheelers grading.


By entering this event you agree to all our terms and conditions:

I  participate in this race at my own risk.  I waive any rights I may otherwise have against Hamilton Wheelers relating to, and agree Hamilton Wheelers is not responsible for, any loss, of any type, caused by my participation in the race, including any loss that may arise from my or any other person’s death or injury, or any damage to any property.

If the participant in this race is under 18 years of age, I warrant that I am a parent or guardian of the participant and agree for myself, and the participant, to provide the acknowledge, waiver and release set out above in respect of the participant.  


This event will be conducted using the guidelines established by Queensland Government, the AIS, Cycling Australia and Cycling Queensland. Details at https://cycling.org.au/qld/cycling-queensland-ceo-update-re-covid-19-stage-2-update-3

Instructions - abide by all the instructions provided online, via signage and by volunteers and officials
Don't come - If you have any symptoms including a high temperature, have been asked to self-quarantine or isolate, are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, have travelled overseas or through a hotspot within 14 days
Social distancing - Please keep to 1.5m social distancing and abide by markings and directions
Race entries - Each grade is limited to 50 riders
Sign-on - Fill out your Lakeside Licence form and make the payment (or use your yearly licence) for this BEFORE registering to race
Race numbers - after racing, place them in the sterilising bucket provided do not re-enter the clubhouse
Sanitiser - please use the hand sanitiser provided
Get in, Race, Get out - by all means have a coffee afterwards but then go home to minimise total numbers for each race session
Hygiene - no air hankeys/snotrockets, spitting etc!

Race series




Event date: 31/10/2020
Time:  6:45am

Entries open: 25/09/2020
Entries close: 29/10/2020

  Lakeside Rd, Kurwongbah QLD 4503
  waynedwilson@bigpond.com