Darling Downs Cycling Club

Darling Downs Cycling Club Criterium

Peter Watts Criterium Track, Glenvale QLD 4350, AUSTRALIA
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Darling Downs Cycling Club Criterium A Grade Men 6:30am 45 + 2 laps N/A 40 $0.00 BOOK NOW
Darling Downs Cycling Club Criterium B Grade Men 6:31am 35 + 2 laps N/A 40 $0.00 BOOK NOW
Darling Downs Cycling Club Criterium B Grade Women 6:31am 35 + 2 laps N/A 40 $0.00 BOOK NOW
Darling Downs Cycling Club Criterium C Grade Men 6:32am 25 + 2 laps N/A 40 $0.00 BOOK NOW
Darling Downs Cycling Club Criterium C Grade Women 6:32am 25 + 2 laps N/A 40 $0.00 BOOK NOW


Regular Crit Racing is back on Saturday mornings at Peter Watts Criterium Track for all grades…A, B/C, Juniors.

6:30am race start for all grades with Juniors to follow A grade finish at approx. 7:15am.


Registration 6:15am. Race Start from 6:30am.

A Grade - 45 minutes & 2 laps

B Grade - 35 minutes & 2 laps 

C Grade - 25 minutes & 2 laps (if sufficient entry numbers, otherwise mix with B) 

Entry is currently free.

All juniors must comply with their age-appropriate gearing restrictions.


Darling Downs Cycling Club racing will be run in accordance with Cycling Australia and Toowoomba Regional Council guidelines, as follows:

  • You must be a financial member of Cycling Australia to race.
  • Get In, Race, and Get Out
  • You should only attend the activity as close as practical to the start of any racing and leave as soon as possible after the end of the race.
  • You should only handle your equipment (bikes, bidons, nutrition and towels) and not touch the equipment of others.
  • Bring your own filled bidons from home.
  • The Club will provide ‘Hygiene stations’, where participants can sanitise their hands prior, during and after the events.
  • The club isn’t offering toilet facilities (though the council one may be open, but the club is not providing this facility).
  • Avoid the use of non-essential surfaces including benches, fences and gates.
  • Adhere to physical distancing everywhere outside of competition.
  • No post-racing social activities are to be conducted.
  • Participants and deliverers should not attend if unwell (including any signs/symptoms of cold, flu, COVID-19 or other illness).
  • Participants and deliverers must not attend if in the last 14 days they have been unwell or had close contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19, even if mild.
  • Download the COVIDsafe App if you have not already done so.

I  participate in this [event] at my own risk.  I waive any rights I may otherwise have against [event organiser] relating to, and agree [event organiser] is not responsible for, any loss, of any type, caused by my participation in the [event], including any loss that may arise from my or any other person’s death or injury, or any damage to any property.


If the participant in this [event] is under 18 years of age, I warrant that I am a parent or guardian of the participant and agree for myself, and the participant, to provide the acknowledge, waiver and release set out above in respect of the participant.  

Race series



Podium photos to be taken directly following each grade finishing, no prizemoney


Event date: 18/07/2020
Time:  6:30

Entries open: 12/07/2020
Entries close: 18/07/2020

  Peter Watts Criterium Track, Glenvale QLD 4350
  downscycling@gmail.com